promote Chinese culture

2.2 the important cultural status of Chinese folk art elements in the art field

Nowadays, the comparison between countries is not only in economic strength and military strength, but also in soft power such as culture. The folk art of a country represents the culture of a country. Due to the strong cultural deposits of our country, the strength of folk art elements in our country will be stronger. Therefore, in the current competitive international society, to better show the national strength, we must pay attention to the inheritance of our country’s traditional folk art elements.

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3. The relationship between Chinese folk art elements and Chinese interior design style

In China in the process of inheritance and development of folk art, Chinese folk art elements and the Chinese interior design for effective combination, can better promote people of the United States, is a kind of collision between art, is a kind of perfect innovation. There are a lot of interior design styles, such as Western Europe style and Mediterranean style, now more and more Chinese interior designer for the design of Chinese style, such as in decorating a process of Chinese knot, ceramic, wooden furniture (screen), the use of paper-cut, embroidery, can well reflect « Chinese wind », China and the United States. Chinese red is now many indoor decorating a process using color, for example on the Windows wide bright red paper-cut in China, in the empty white wall hang Chinese red Chinese knot, in the case of color impact is relatively small, can use Chinese red shoe ark, tea table or TV table, desk lamp and so on carries on the ornament, have visual impact, avoid indoor color too drab and inflexible. When people after indoor decoration USES the Chinese folk art elements, not only can relieve has been at the mental state of high pressure of life, also can effectively improve people’s aesthetic level, better let people enjoy a higher quality of life.

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4. Specific innovative application of Chinese folk art elements in interior design in China

Combining the folk art elements and interior design styles of our country, we should pay attention to the following aspects. We should integrate the elements of Chinese folk art reasonably into our own design drawings for the overall purpose of interior design planning. Can be conducted in accordance with the owner of the indoor hobbies, for example, the introduction of Chinese folk art elements, when indoor owners like to travel, like Chinese landscape, so designers can appropriate reference some Chinese ink painting painters painted in design. Meet a few sculpture lovers, can incorporate Chinese ceramic art into the design.

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