Food industry cooperation conference

people’s Daily online Harbin, Oct. 12 (xinhua) — the first brics inter-city food industry cooperation conference and the international innovation and development of soybean food industry BBS was held in the huazi auditorium in Harbin on Oct. 11. The event, themed « strengthening brics cooperation and promoting the development of the food industry », is one of the important points of the 7th harkow conference.

The conference was hosted by Harbin people’s government, northeast agricultural university, international economic cooperation organization « GEMMA », heilongjiang food science and technology association, and organized by Harbin food industry research institute. Nearly 400 people attended the conference, which was attended by government representatives and entrepreneurs from countries including China, Russia, Brazil and South Africa.

At the opening ceremony, the northeast agricultural university president BaoJun introduces the northeast agricultural university « double top universities » construction work and promote the development of Harbin food industry together, common development of the successful practices, and guests at home and abroad, the issue of northeast agricultural university in recent years were introduced in detail the main achievements in promoting heilongjiang soybean industry development. In the next step, the school will continue to focus on « longjiang soybean production in China and dongnong agriculture in longjiang soybean research » as its working goal, striving for more good results and good products, so as to better serve local economic development and benefit the brics people.

International economic cooperation organization « GEMMA » chairman stepan panov. Sergei. Leo, who has said the brics population accounts for 40% of the world’s population, broad cooperation space, hope that the national food enterprise can strengthen cooperation with « GEMMA » organizations, integration of the bric nations food resources, complementary advantages, in soybeans, coffee, health, water and other industries have in-depth cooperation, formulate the brics health food among the cities of unified certification standards.

Experts from China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, representing their countries to the delegates to introduce the situation of the country’s food industry, highlights the national characteristic agriculture and food development new situation, everyone expressed the hope that through this meeting, to better promote food industry among the cities in the brics cooperation and docking, can strive to develop a series of consensus between the brics countries of food safety and health standards.

Subsequently, participants participated in BBS of international innovation and development of soybean food industry and BBS of brics roundtable on food technology exchange and economic and trade cooperation among brics cities.

On soybean innovation BBS, representatives from China, Russia and Brazil respectively made theme reports on the development trend of soybean, and deeply analyzed the current situation and development trend of the world soybean industry, providing reference basis for the development of China’s soybean industry. The five representatives made thematic reports respectively, deeply analyzed the development trend of traditional soy products in China and the innovation of soybean processing technology, waste water treatment technology, waste residue recycling technology and other aspects, opened up new development ideas for traditional soy products industry, and provided people with a healthier lifestyle.

On economic and trade cooperation BBS round table, have cooperation relationship with « GEMMA » organization of industry experts, and Harbin pick new group 15 meat products, health, water, coffee, biological feed, food testing of entrepreneurs, food technology innovation, product economic and trade cooperation has carried on the thorough exchange, and conduct the docking activities, relevant enterprises reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

Next, the brics will through the cooperation between the food industry city meeting regularly, share technology innovations, explore new mode of cooperation in the field of industrial land, cultivating new kinetic energy food industry development, deepen the food industry information exchange mechanism, establish the brics for early cities « food industry communication system » and « food industry research and development platform », and strengthen information sharing, and promote the food industry and trade cooperation to the direction of an omni-directional, multilevel and wide-range. (jiao Yang, liu yuchao)

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