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people’s Daily online Beijing, Aug. 10 (xinhua) — China has 64 joint airports for military and civilian use as of June 2018, accounting for 27.7 percent of the country’s 231 transportation airports, according to a recent seminar on security operation and management of airports for military and civilian use. In 2017, the two sides jointly guaranteed 944,000 flights taking off and landing, and transported 7843.39 million passengers, up 17.9 percent and 21.7 percent, respectively, over the same period, while the number of unsafe incidents at the airports nationwide dropped by 44 percent year-on-year.

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Li jian, deputy director of the civil aviation administration of China, said the rapid development, safe operation and normal flight of China’s military-civilian airports in recent years are inseparable from the military’s high attention and concern for civil aviation, and from the strong support and close cooperation of the on site force. Against the background of the in-depth development of military and civilian integration, the military and civil aviation adheres to the « three persistence, one promotion and one driving » approach and works together to promote the integration of military and civilian airports and the safety operation and management, which has achieved remarkable results. By actively establish JunMinHang airport fusion development coordination mechanism, building the JunMinHang airport integration development policy system, vigorously promote JunMinHang airport new technology application, the two sides work mechanism more perfect, more effective safety management, resource integration, more fully joint control more powerful, information sharing and training more smooth communication.

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Li stressed that the next step is to strengthen planning, continue to promote the in-depth development of civil-military integration of military and civil airports, and strive to build a national airport strategic system of civil-military integration. We should unify operation standards and continuously improve the operational support capacity of military and civil aviation airports. Integrate the support force, give full play to the two-way pull function of the civil-military integration; Innovation and integration approach, gradually breaking down the long – term interests of civil and military airports. Improve the integration depth and further improve the integration development system of civil and military airports. popularize the application of technology to further improve the contribution of science and technology to the security development of joint airfields; We will deepen reform and further energize the security development of airports for both military and civilian use.

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Air force deputy chief of staff Dong Li said the air force and civil aviation is a concept of the two sides should learn from each other development, using the experience of construction, the use of this platform, airports joint-used by military construction, joint management, actively explore fusion Shared resources of safe operation management mode, build condominium sharing pattern, take the initiative to use innovation drive propulsion airport security management fell fine implementation.

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At the meeting, jilin yanji airport, guangxi baise airport, jiangsu changzhou airport and Tibet regional administration of civil aviation and military respectively introduced their respective practices and experiences of safe operation and management, and put forward some existing problems and Suggestions. The aviation safety office of the air force flight safety bureau and civil aviation administration introduced the security situation and safety supervision of the airport.