apple CEO Tim cook said

In a recent interview with Fast Company, apple CEO Tim cook talked about the growth of the music industry and the changes that have occurred in recent years, according to 9To5Mac.

In an interview, Mr. Cook, in addition to talking about his company’s music service, also criticized Spotify’s music recommendation, which went public months ago.

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Speaking to Fast Company reporter Robert Safian at apple’s cupertino headquarters, cook spoke about his love for music and apple’s love for music. The CEO of a company with a market cap of just over $1 trillion says he can’t exercise without music and believes music is the best medicine.

Sitting in the conference room at apple’s headquarters, Mr Cook said: « I can’t keep up when I’m working out without music. Music gives me inspiration and motivation. It’s also something that brings me peace every night. I think music is more effective than any drug. »

Mr Cook also said that some companies were now too focused on algorithms to recommend music to users, which, in apple’s view, was not the right way to recommend it, fearing that such a music recommendation « would deplete the humanity of music ». Mr Cook said music should focus on «  » art and craftsmanship » « rather than Numbers or algorithms.

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Cook’s comments reflect apple’s longstanding opposition to Spotify’s music recommendation, which relies on algorithms to recommend music to users, and the company believes this music recommendation is eroding music’s spiritual role in our lives. While not naming names directly, cook’s comments were clearly a dig at Spotify, saying: « we are worried that humanity in music will be exhausted, and that music will become a digital world, not a world of art and ingenuity. »

Since the launch of Apple Music, Apple’s Music service, the company has been recommending Music to users through human Music editors, and the recommendations have helped some musicians achieve career success, such as Amy Shark and Daniel Caesar.

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