procrastination is the easiest

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Of the easiest things in the world, . Diligence can make up for a lack of intelligence, but cleverness cannot make up for laziness. The road to success is not crowded, because few people can stick to it. As long as you bury your head in the sand, naturally some people will get distracted and lag behind.

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Man lives not to prove suffering, but to experience darkness himself, and to deserve light. There is always a period of life to carry on. Any kind of life you admire requires some kind of patience. We work so hard to gain a little more control over our lives. We work so hard to have the courage to say no to everything we hate.

Out Mateusz M, short film tells us: « of all the things in life don’t have it, depends on your self and way of thinking. Everyone needs through hardships, to get it. Great things often happen in those who have the ability to do the little things big. »

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In reality, most people will try to make their resume look better in order to get the attention of others. In life, however, it is important to enrich your experience. A resume is usually written only in a good way, and life experiences include the glory of success and the lessons of failure. If you can’t reflect on these lessons, no amount of experience will be enough.

There are all kinds of problems in life, but the person who says « no » at the first thought will never succeed or fail. Confidence does not necessarily win, not confidence will lose. Actions do not always succeed, and without them you will fail. people often do not retreat when the internal potential will come out. You never know how good you are until you push yourself. As you get stronger, you don’t care if your resume looks good recombinant flu vaccine.

Resume is packaged for others to see, experience is their own life. Life should be rich not in your resume, but in your experience.

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