our skin will get tanned

In summer, our skin will get tanned, so it is a lot of work for many women to whiten and protect skin in the summer. Beauty &skin care expert clew, whitening and hydrating inseparable from all kinds of skin care products, today, small make up I’ll introduce you to four fruits and vegetables mask, they are simple, obvious whitening effect, can make your skin water embellish is enough. The following are the specific practices of the four masks.
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Watermelon egg yolk moisturizing mask.

Material: watermelon one, egg yolk half, flour right amount.

Easy diy:

1. Beat the watermelon with the watermelon, add the yolk half and mix well.

2. Slowly add a little flour to make it a paste.

3. Apply to your face for 10 minutes and then rinse.

Characteristics: watermelon cool, egg yolk moistening effect is good, the two cooperate to make hydrating facial mask, the moisture effect is very good. Watermelon can be bought in the summer, an egg removes egg yolk, egg white still can apply neck and hand, already economical effect also is good, try it quickly.

Bitter melon moisturizing facial mask.

Material: white bitter gourd 1.
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Easy diy:

Wash the bitter melon and ice in the fridge for about 2 hours.

2. Remove and cut into thin slices.

3. Apply the sliced bitter melon to the whole face, apply for 15 minutes, then remove and rinse with water.

Characteristics: bitter melon juice to drink, bitter melon facial mask also need to apply well! Balsam pear have to the skin moisturizing, whitening, composed, moisturizing effect and so on, especially in the summer skin moisture loss, more easy to turn black, this time with balsam pear whitening and moisturizing, simple and convenient and has obvious effect. After the sun, feel the face to have the red sign, then take the ice bitter melon to ice cold, the effect is very good.

Banana honey moisturizing and moisturizing mask.

Ingredients: half a banana (preferably a rotten banana) and 1 teaspoon honey.

Easy diy:

1. Mix the honey with the banana and mash it with a spoon.

2. After cleaning the skin, apply the mask to your face for 10-15 minutes.

3. Rinse with warm water, and can be used every day.

Features: bananas are common and cheap tropical fruit, but it is of very high nutritional value, bananas are high in protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals, in particular, it contains rich potassium, for cardiovascular disease is a kind of very good food. For skin, banana also is a kind of very good facial mask material, the effect that the banana is mashed in the face with the gentle cleanness and nourishing repair skin directly. This mask also adds honey to strengthen the moisturizing function, which is suitable for daily use of dry and dehydrated skin.

Cucumber moisturizing mask

Ingredients: 2 cucumber, 1 egg white, a little flour.

Easy diy:

1. The cucumber is broken with a blender.

Mix egg white and yellow melon juice.

3. Add flour to make a paste.

Features: moisturizing moisturizing and whitening skin, anti-inflammatory, calm face film is also suitable for the sun to do skin care, after the rest of the mask can also be used to apply in other parts of the body, such as arms, neck, shoulders, and so on. You can also add lemon water, protein, vitamin e and so on according to your skin condition.

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The four fruit and vegetable masks mentioned above are made of natural ingredients. They are naturally healthy and have a good cosmetic effect. If you want to whiten and moisturize, try these fruit and vegetable masks. Beauty expert clew, the majority of skin care products contain chemicals available in the market, use for a long time may damage disease, these fruits and vegetables mask composition is simple, skin care effect is also very good, so, you can use these fruits and vegetables often mask.

The use of different skin powder powder

Makeup every time two hours, you may find that the face began to shine, just as reflector in light look greasy skin less relaxed, this situation is particularly acute in slant oily and combination skin, when this type of skin you shopping to the cosmetics counter, will see the counter young lady’s skin exquisite and smooth, like enamel in contrast the mirror of their skin color looks dark yellow Chen, hard to avoid embarrassment Dream beauty pro hard sell.

The powder has rescued us from the obsession of « removing the makeup » and has a long-lasting, perfect makeup effect. Lovers of cosmetics say that the appearance of powder is equal to a « industrial revolution » in the world of cosmetics, and a beautiful « powder » Dream beauty pro hard sell.

Powder is the most delicate particle in the « powder family ». It is naturally gentle and exquisite, so it is not necessary to worry that powder will cause skin floatation. The best measuring device is our skin. At the moment when the skin is sweeping powder, touch will tell you how young and intimate it is.

Powders seem to have been born to picky women, and make-up artists love it. Taiwan a so-called « never makeup » famous cosmetics master said: « actually powder is I don’t. The secret of makeup powder on several layers, the more to the back, face slightly out of oil, will look more natural, good-looking, and skin. »

It is important to emphasize that the powder itself has little concealer. So, the skin has the small defect you, before use the powder of the powder to still need to use the concealer product, then use powder to apply makeup, such makeup look ability is unimpeachable Dream beauty pro hard sell.

The choice powder has the most important premise: powder of powder must be identical with the color of foundation, the powder of different color number and foundation can make the whole makeup look very cloudy. In addition, the texture, color, whether it contains pearl light and so on also need research.

With the powder of pearl powder, the usage is different from ordinary powder. Use pearl-light powder to help you attract attention at parties and dinners.

When using powder with pearl light, pay attention to increase the amount of powder on both sides of the nose, so as to keep the whole makeup surface consistent. You can also play powder with pearl powder in exposed body parts, such as neck, arms, back, etc., can create crystal clear skin texture.

It is important to note that the face, if not obvious imperfections, must be covered with concealer, or it will accentuate your flaws Dream beauty pro hard sell