hope he won’t bite you

I don’t think so, Mr. Talbot, said Robert manfully cruise hong kong , not exhibiting the least alarm. What do you mean, Tige? he continued sternly, addressing the dog.

He snatched a stout stick from the side of the road, and made threatening demonstrations.

The dog stood still, evidently cowed.

I don’t think he is dangerous, Mr. Talbot,[Pg 22] Robert started to say, but he looked in vain for his step-father.

Here I am, Robert, he heard in quavering accents.

James Talbot had managed, with an agility hardly to be expected of a man of forty-five, to climb into a tree by the roadside.

I—I thought I should be safer here, he said, Robert wanted to laugh, but he was polite, and refrained reenex facial

I—I hope he won’t bite you.

I’ll risk it, sir.

What a terrible situation! I don’t dare to come down.

I think you may, sir; I will protect you.

How can you? You wouldn’t be a match for a dog like that.

By this time Tiger had got over his fierce demonstrations, and seemed quite friendly.

You see he has got over his fierceness. You had better come down.

Do you really think it would be safe?

I am sure of it.

James Talbot got down from the tree cautiously, eyeing the dog askance.

Now let us get away from here at once, he said nervously hotel jobs in hong kong.

[Pg 23]

Very well, sir.

They took the road for home, the dog making no hostile demonstrations.

I—I was always afraid of dogs, said Talbot, half ashamed. If it had been a man I wouldn’t have cared. And then he began to tell Robert how he had once frightened a burglar from the house where he was lodging; but Robert didn’t believe him. He felt contempt for his step-father as a coward.

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